My Week 01

Dear Diary, This week was like crazy. I got three free days from school and met some new and old friends. Monday It all began with a long sleep till 11 in the morning (normally I get up at 5am) and a message by my beloved friend Lukas (you may know him as lukaseliaswinkler). He asked me if I want to meet up with him and Miret (I previously met her twice), I said yes and was really excited to explore the streets of Vienna together with them! We were exploring all the little streets in the center of Vienna and at the end we got to one of the best views in Vienna!   After a coffee and a drink with Miret and Lukas I went back home… Tuesday I woke up early in the morning, went out to meet up with Miret for a coffee. It turned out into a little tour trough one of the parts of

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