An open letter to Instagram

Dear Instagram!

I always loved you and your great community (and still do so), but so many things changed over the past few years since your crawled out of your baby-shoes.

First you looked like an app created by some teenies, later you got as beautiful as a coffee on a minimal table in a NYC-cafe, then you turned into a smelling ugly teenager and now you got to the end-minimal-phase.

First Instagram Design

Your beautifully created camera-logo was the greatest one I’ve ever seen on my phone and then you changed it to one of the stinky normal ones.

Old Instagram Logo

Oh! How beautiful my timeline was some weeks ago! I saw all the wonderful photos from people I follow, now it’s just a chaos, which is defined by a cheap algorithm😦

But hey babe! You still got the swaaaaaag, what do we need more? You now got Instagram Stories to share my stories to all my followers, not just to a small percentage of them on Snapchat, you got pretty nice stats for all my photos and some great suggestions on explore!


Yours, Patrick

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And hey! I’m back to my blog🙂

Flashback to Salzburg

The Sunday before last Sunday I was in the state of Salzburg, where I visited the little city  Hallstatt (I don’t know if there live so many people :P) and the bigger city, Salzburg.

Together with my parents and my grandma (hey grandma, when you’re reading this :)) I explored these cities. Thanks also to Julian R. (@julian_rwl on Instagram) for showing me around Salzburg! This is a little collection of the photos I took:



Also I did my first vlog, which I uploaded to Youtube! I’m not quite sure if I’ll continue doing vlogs, but let’s see!🙂

Snowy Vienna, for one day

Finally we got some snow here in Vienna! (check my previous blogpost)

It was on Saturday when I met up with Greg for a breakfast and a talk between friends. I was sitting faced to the window, so I was constantly watching the street outside of the restaurant.

At probably 11am I saw the first snow flakes passing by the restaurant’s windows… while some minutes later the snow-storm began!


Part 2 of my photo-set coming soon!


A Weekend in Vienna

Always when meeting up with friends on weekends, especially when they are also photographers, I think about finishing school and finally do what I want to do… be a photographer and blogger…

I hope all of you had an exciting weekend!🙂

Here are just some shots of my weekend❤


DSC00314The wonderful, so called, Franziskanerplatz. This place is located near by Stephansplatz, which marks the center of Vienna.

DSC00531Votivchurch (originally “Votivkirche”)…

DSC00457Graben/Tuchlauben. Located next to Stephansplatz it’s a nice place to go shopping (okay, there are only luxury brands, but it’s just nice, okay? :P)…

DSC00163Hofburg, the “castle”. A nice place to walk by and to enjoy a show in the “Spanish Horse Riding School”…

DSC00570Another shot from the Hofburg…

DSC00524Lukas ( in front of the Votivchurch…


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Creative Vienna: Lukas Elias Winkler

When strolling through Vienna, you may find some people running around the streets and taking photos of architecture or taking photos of others, these people may be tourists, but they may also be Instagrammers or Bloggers taking photos of our beautiful Viennese Streets.

This is why I want to introduce some of the most creative minds in Vienna.

The first guy I want to introduce you is my friend Lukas Elias Winkler.

Lukas Elias Winkler


How and when did you start with Instagram?

I started Instagram about 2 years ago, thinking that it was rather a place for selfies and “girly” stuff than a place for serious photography – that’s why I didn’t download it when it got viral (especially in the US).

When I got my new phone for Christmas exactly 2 years ago, Instagram was in my suggested apps and since I wanted to give it a try and find out what the hype was about, I downloaded it. So I started to share moments of my daily life:

When I found out that there actually is a big community of photographers on Instagram in Austria, I started to only share photos of landscapes, architecture and still lives on my Instagram handle as I wanted to follow my own style.




What are your sources of inspiration?

I don’t think that I could take good pictures without being inspired by others: The inspiration is more important for a good picture than the whole equipment is! I get my inspiration each and every day by scrolling thorough Instagram and looking at all the different styles, colors, angles and styles all the pictures have – that’s my main source of inspiration.

By Lukas Elias Winkler


What is your camera equipment and how do you edit your photos?

For Instagram, I mostly use my mobile phone wich is a Samsung Galaxy S6 and for my blog, LukasElias, I use a Canon Eos 750D. I edit my pictures with Vsco and Snapseed: I often use filters such as A6 or S2 on Vsco, and then I use Snapseed to adjust things such as the contrast, highlights and so forth. Sometimes I use SKRWT as well to adjust the image if needed 🙂


By Lukas Elias Winkler

What are your favorite Instagrammers or Bloggers?

There are so many bloggers and instagrammers that inspire me: Especially all those from Austria I got to now through Instagram… Internationally, I really like the Instagram handles of @sophiesvob @helloemilie @kessara @thetrottergirl @anddicted @jasoncharleshill


If you want to see more of Lukas’ work, go check out his blog or his Instagram @lukaseliaswinkler!

My Week 01

Dear Diary,

This week was like crazy. I got three free days from school and met some new and old friends.


It all began with a long sleep till 11 in the morning (normally I get up at 5am) and a message by my beloved friend Lukas (you may know him as lukaseliaswinkler).

He asked me if I want to meet up with him and Miret (I previously met her twice), I said yes and was really excited to explore the streets of Vienna together with them!

Lukas Elias Winkler
Miret Padovani

We were exploring all the little streets in the center of Vienna and at the end we got to one of the best views in Vienna!


After a coffee and a drink with Miret and Lukas I went back home…


I woke up early in the morning, went out to meet up with Miret for a coffee. It turned out into a little tour trough one of the parts of Vienna where I’m normally not around.

After a nice walk and a coffee later, I met up with Disi and Bianca.


We had a nice talk in one of my favourite cafe’s and walked around at the Hofburg (the president’s home in Vienna).


On this day I met the lovely Travel Junkie Diary (Michelle) and her travel-group in the center of Vienna. We had a little meal and went back to their hotel. The rooftop of the Ritz-Carlton in Vienna is really one of the greatest in Vienna! Because I wasn’t able to take any phtoso from up there, here’s one by Greg:

By Greg Sideris
By Greg Sideris

Thursday till Sunday

School, meeting up with friends, dinner with my family, visiting some christmas markets – just daily life🙂


I hope you all like my first blogpost! Please keep giving me tipps about what to blog, how to blog – just how to do it! Hope I’ll keep learning about blogging🙂

Yours Patrick


Hello world!

Short introduction to myself:

Some of you may already know me from Instagram, where I’m known as misterflopatrick.
I’m Patrick, future blogger, Instagrammer and mainly student🙂

My hometown is Vienna and my hobby is photography. This is me.

Portrait Patrick
Shot by The Viennese Girl

What this blog is about:

It will be mainly about my hometown Vienna, photography and Instagram.

Some examples of my recent work on Instagram:

I will also share some of my other photography work, that I will be doing soon!

Stay tuned🙂

Don’t forget to check out my other sites:




Snapchat: mflpatrick
Hope you all enjoy it!

Cheers, Patrick🙂